Sunday, July 19, 2015

" Have you any question for me"Job Interview Question

Job Interview Question" Have you any question for me"

“Have you any question?” this interview question seems very easy but ,this is most common interview question to ask. And  answer  ''NO''  means you have missed an opportunity to know about organization and also you can lose that job because it shows you have no interest in the job or the company.
Asking  the right question is an opportunity to show your qualities and professional knowledge . Don,t  ask questions which are already mentioned on the company website.
Your  question should  be short and simple.And do not ask so many questions. 2-3 questions should be enough.
<img alt="have you any question for me"><img alt="have you any question for me">

Here are some examples:-
“Would you tell me something about your journey in this company?”

“Sir, if I get a chance to join this company,what are the skill I have to develop before joining?”

“If I am not selected , please let me know what should I improve?”

“Thank you sir,can you tell me some of my weak points that I should improve”