Saturday, July 11, 2015

4 steps- how to get a job in sales

4 steps- how to get a job in sales

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A salesperson is a backbone of any organization. He is 100% responsible for bringing  in a range of values that can not be replaced by any department.
A good sales person should never have a problem finding a job.
Here three tips for getting a sales job.

1-Your resume

Don’t lie, yes, you have to prove each and every information about your past experience and learning 
because in this digital age, information is more accessible. Your resume is an honest representation of everything what you have done in your past.  So save yourself the worry and tell the truth from  the beginning.
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2-Do your homework about the company before your job interview

You should know most of things about the company e.g. company mission statement and basic facts, the USP of its product/services, structure of company and culture etc.Because this is a practice that should be applied in a job seeking activities .
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3-Focus on your past achievements

If you have past experience or achievements, then you should first focus and tell the employer about your all achievements in the past. All your past references can play a very useful role to get your desired position and salary.
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4-And last but not least –Post interview followup or thank you mail

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