Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 Common Mistakes New Pass out Make in Job Interviews

Recent graduate start expecting a lot many things too early,but they should  realize that success in college life does not determine success in job.We should not judge others as well ourselves on the basis of our past achievements and failures.But interviewing for a job after college can be a different than interviewing for on-campus job and unfortunately mistakes are very common.

Below are three common mistakes fresh graduates make in a job interview:-

1-They discuss all their wonderful future plans with their employer

Any graduate has a great future plan for his higher studies and he want to work for 2-3 years with a company then he  has plan to go to grad school.This plan might be wonderful but can not be a long term commitment with your employer.


Yes you have your future plans but you you will get great opportunity in your job really you will love your job and you have option of distance learning.

2-More focus on the benefits and location,not the role you are getting

In this situation employer is concerned with how interviewee get the job done,not how much interviewee looking forward or relocating to the city.


Try this "This is clear that this company has a nice culture,and I am really excited to dig into this role with this great location".

3-Not preparing the important interview questions 

Being too vague means you are either beating around the bush or you are trying to hide a weakness.


Research the company before you go into a job interview company.Prepare for answering about your strengths and weaknesses.