Saturday, May 23, 2015

Different Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews

Getting ready for an interview?Which type?
don't know!!!!!!!!
No Problem.
Take a read of these different types of interviews..


A-The Telephone Interviews

B-The Face-to-Face Interviews

C-The Panel Interviews/The Group Interviews

D-The Sequential Interviews

E-The Formal/Informal Interviews

F- The Portfolio Based Interviews

G-The Lunch/Dinner Interviews 

A-The Telephone Interviews

Phone interview is a way of identifying and recruiting candidates. It is important to prepared for a telephonic interview. Here are some tips for a successful telephonic interview.

1-Schedule the call.
2-Keep ready all the documents you need.
5-Focus on your voice
6-Stay calm
7-Ensure that you can hear and are being clearly heard.
8-Do not chew anything.
9-Do not sneeze or cough.

B-The Face-to-Face Interviews

Face to face interview is only way to receiving and accepting an actual job offer.A face to face interview also called an in-person interview.Here some tips for face to face interview interview--
1-Research the industry and company.
2-Study the job description.
3-Bring few copies of your resume.
4-Be on time.
5-Dressing for the interview.

C-Panel Interviews/Group Interviews

In a panel job interview (Sometime called a group interview) candidate is interviewed by a group of interviewers.During a typical panel interview where there are multiple candidates interviewing for the same job,the applicants sit behind a long desk and the interviewer sit facing the desk. 
Three tips for panel interview-
1-Ask the recruiter name and designation of all interviewer and department.
2-Based on there role prepare all frequently asked questions by different department might ask.  
3-Give your introduction to each member of panel by shaking hand.

D-The Sequential Interviews

A sequential interview is also called a serial interview.It is a lengthy approach to interview .You may interview with peer level employee from various departments.You could meet with one person  at a time or several at the same time.
1-Know the interviewing schedule before you commit.
2-Keep your answer consistent from interview to interview.
3-Create three to five questions that are relevant to each person's expertise or knowledge.
4-Give thank you note after interview.

E-The Formal/Informal  Interviews

Formal interview basically helds at a specific time,place and date.You should need resumes,and you should be dressed up in a formal suit to fit in the agenda that your going to have for the day of the interview.
Informal interview is usually you just need to wear casual suits the firm where the interview must be held will not be that too exposed.
How should you  prepare for a formal interview
Try and gather as much information as possible prior to the interview so that you can put you best foot forward.Don't be afraid to ask questions,especially if prior to being called the details you were given where vague.
Tips for informal interview
Informal interviews are usually held off site.If they are in cafe or hotel lobby etc make sure to have some cash on you to pay for beverages or a lunch/dinner in cash this is required.It would be usual for the person who requested the interview,to pay for these

F- The Portfolio Based Interviews

If you are applying for a creative role ,you might be asked to attend an interview and bring your portfolio of work.The interviewer will then look through your work and ask question on particular pieces.
1-Show your best work.
2-Show them the beginning,the middle and the end.
3-Know what you are showing
4-Practice to show portfolio

G- The Lunch/Dinner Interviews 

To evaluate employee's  social skills employer take job candidate out to lunch/dinner,and it helps to employer to examine candidate's communication & interpersonal skills,as well as his table manners.
1-Visit the place ahead of time that you can know ,what is on menu.
2-say"please""thank you"to  your server.
3-Liquid are on the right,solid on the left.
4-Put your napkin on your lap.
5-Don't order messy foods.
6-Don't order  the most expensive foods on menu.
7-Participate in the conversation.