Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ten Questions Ask Before You Accept the Job Offer.

1. Upon what criteria will my performance be evaluated? How will this be done and by whom?
  2.  How are employees rewarded for excellent performance?
  3.Is my boss’s performance evaluated on how well he/she develops his/her subordinates? On the success of the department?
  4.What commitment does the company have to the career development and training of iemployees? How will the company help me achieve my maximum potential?
 5. What are the opportunities for progression an increased responsibility in the  organization?
 6.How secure is this position? If I were to be laid off, what assistance would I  receive?
 7.  Is there a commitment to promote from within?
 8.  What is the salary structure and the benefits plan?
9.What will be expected of me in this position? What are the day-to-day tasks?
10.  What are the expected work hours, start date, work locations, travel requirements, dress code, and relocation prospects?