Saturday, August 8, 2015

LinkedIn and job seekers

LinkedIn is so important for your job search but why?
LinkedIn is a very useful tool for every working person.Do not underestimate its importance because it is a largest professional networking site. LinkedIn has more than 300 million users and more than three million companies have official LinkedIn official page.It means you have to an active presence on LinkedIn.
In LinkedIn you can have an account for free but LinkedIn also offer a premium service,but you can search job with a free account.In LinkedIn you can create a strong connection
Here following activities you can do for job search:-
1-You can search job in the "jobs you may be interested in" area.
2-You can search job in your network
3-With participating with groups you can search your dream job.
4-By promoting yourself.
<img alt="job in linkedIn">

LinkedIn is a great way to find a job but you should be keeping it update even you are not jobless.So do not forget it after set your profile and join useful groups and demonstrate your strong profile.